Sunday, January 16, 2011


WW3 prophecies state USA is invaded by China, Russia, Mexico and others.  After/During WW3, then Europe is Invaded, after which, Christ comes when they attack Israel and they are utterly destroyed.

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Watch for WW3 2024 or 2025, the 40th anniversary of these prophecies given.
Like Israel's 40 year warning (30-70AD), like Jonah given a 40 day warning to Nineveh, like in Ezekiel ch4 Judah's 40 year punishment.

 Put on the electric chair by the Russians, in 1984 Dumitru tells of his supernatural encounter with how he was shown 
the coming of WW3.

from 1985, tells of his supernatural wonder in the sky of WW3, with details that align with Dumitru Duduman and Henry Gruver.

World wide evangelist Henry Gruver tells of his open vision in 1986, how russia and China will bomb and invade. His details of where the US gets bombed are highly convergent with Dumitru Duduman ' testimony.

(notice these three independent testimonies, 1984, 1985, 1986 have the scriptural backing, "in the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses, let every word be established")

John W Johnston - Highly prophetically gifted brother given many prolific dreams and visions of WW3 and other events to come.

FGBMI - Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship Int'l, started Demos Shakarian. In his book, The Happiest People On Earthhe describes what was a true prophet, with signs and wonders, who foretold his people, the Armenians, that they had to leave their land because of the Turks coming to do a genocide of his people (1917). He told them, to migrate to California and there they would prosper, but in the later days, they would need to flee again because of another persecution to come. We believe that persecution to come is the Chinese take over of the US west coast in WW3.

Angelfire/china invasion .org – a link to many WW3 invasion testimonies, so many testimonies, that it should leave little doubt about Russia and China.

Unleavened Bread Ministry - Many many testimonies here of WW3 and other events to 

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