Sunday, January 16, 2011

Links to other ministries with similar prophetic pieces to the puzzle

Hand Of Help – Ministry of Dumitru Duduman and Michael Boldea. Many amazing direct from Heaven dreams, visions and visitations. They also have a sponsorship program for Romanian orphans.

John W Johnston - Highly prophetically gifted brother given many prolific dreams and visions of WW3 and other events to come.

FGBMI - Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship Int'l, started Demos Shakarian. In his book, The Happiest People On Earthhe describes what was a true prophet, with signs and wonders, who foretold his people, the Armenians, that they had to leave their land because of the Turks coming to do a genocide of his people (1917). He told them, to migrate to California and there they would prosper, but in the later days, they would need to flee again because of another persecution to come. We believe that persecution to come is the Chinese take over of the US west coast in WW3.

Deeper Understanding – a nice message board started by a prophetess, Michelle, who is getting some amazing downloads from heaven. 

Angelfire/china invasion .org – a link to many WW3 invasion testimonies, so many testimonies, that it should leave little doubt about Russia and China.

Unleavened Bread Ministry - Many many testimonies here of WW3 and other events to come

Crisis International – is a Christian crisis ministry lead by Sean Malone, who received from the Lord, mega quake and tsunami prophecy. They are training Christians in teams of crisis responders for the trouble ahead.

Watchman-Prophets Assembly – take with a grain of salt, but some things are being revealed there, especially about the east coast tsunami to come.

Here are  some of my  bible prophecy videos here on youtube, that are backed well, both scripturally and historically, covering  much in true prophecy.

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